The following list includes Square-D products that we carry which are a little older. Please contact us at for information on these products.


Part Number


8030-SCP-423 Processor Module
8030-SCP-522 Processor Module
8030-CIM-101 Input Module 4 Point
8030-COM-221 Output Module
8030-CRK-210 8 Slot Rack
8030-CRK-300 16 Slot Rack
8030-CRM-210 PLC Local Interface Module
8030-CRM-211 Local Interface Module
8030-CRM-220 Remote Interface Module
8030-CRM-222 Remote Interface Module
8030-DRK-300 16 Slot Rack
8030-HIM-101 Input Module 8 Point
8030-HOM-221 Output Module 8 Point
8030-HRK-100 8 Slot I/O Rack
8030-HRK-200 16 Slot Rack
8030-PS-10 Power Supply Module
8030-PS-11 Power Supply Module
8030-PS-20 Power Supply Module
8030-PS-21 Power Supply Module
8030-PS-31 Power Supply Module
8030-RIM-101 Input Module 16 Point
8030-RIM-121 Input Module 4 Point
8030-RIM-144 Multiplex Input Module
8030-ROM-121 Output Module 4 Point
8030-ROM-141 Multiplex Output Module
8030-ROM-221 Output Module 16 Point
8030-RRK-200 9 Slot Rack