About Us

Darose Control Systems Ltd, a major presence in the food & dairy industries in Atlantic Canada for over 35 years, providing engineering, instrumentation, consulting with plant expansions and product development, as well as material handling and supply of both capital equipment and maintenance supply items. With proven experience in the field, we have been providing CIP systems and incorporating experience and knowledge into our systems and installations.

With the ever increasing demands on the food industry to ensure quality control and the increasing Provincial and Federal regulatory presence of CFIA, Darose Control Systems has developed calibration/service programs to help companies maintain compliance.  These programs are tailored to be plant specific, while existing programs have become a standard which CFIA inspectors have come to expect and recognize.


Our business is providing the customer with compliant process control instrumentation calibrations, operating records and references to ensure product quality assurance.  We provide Dairy and food industry companies with process consultation to help them plan into the future and solve current outstanding issues.